Sunday, 20 November 2011

8 Things you Should Do Before You Have A Baby

8 Things you Should Do Before You Have A Baby.

Babies, pregnancy, baby bump; these are all the things were going to think of one time or another.

I’m pretty sure mother hood is a wonderful experience, but I’m way too young to even think about having kids, but not for some. My best friend Little Miss CoCo is a strong, beautiful young lady; (and only 21) who thinks just because she has done the late night partying, getting an education and finding the man of her dreams; she is ready to settle down and start a family of her own.

All I can think about is you haven’t lived your life. Why on earth would you want the whining, tantrum and smelly dippers at such a young age? Is this because you want to be a young mum?

Parenthood is an expensive and tiring job. So go through the list, explore and have fun in your 20s and don’t regret it by trying to raise a baby.   

  1. At least finish college (University if you can stay in education that long

You should always have something to fall back on. (A little secret from me to you GCSE is not good enough!) Educate yourself; you never know when you may need it.

  1. Travel the world.

Going on holiday alone is much better then having to worry about a baby. Do you think you can sunbathe all day, then club all night with a baby around? Go on explore the world, who knows it could put a positive effect on things.

  1. Have a career

Do you really want to raise a baby on doll money? Be an independent women and have your own money. Get that career you’ve always wanted, save as much money as you can so when you do eventually have kids, you will have enough money to be a stay at home mum for a few years.

  1. Have a girly holiday

Yes you can have a girly holiday when you have a baby but will it be the same? We all know once having a child, it will change your life and you might not have as much time as you’ll like to spend with your girlfriends. Even if it’s the weekend in France, put your girlfriends first before you have the kids.

  1. load yourself with expensive shoes

You know as well as I do you have always wanted a pair of designer shoes? Now I’m not talking about the cheap pair of Channel flats which cost £90 in the SUMMER SALE, I’m talking about the real stuff baby. The type of shoes Carrie in Sex and the City wears on her feet. Kids cost money, so think about designer before you go buy nappies  

  1. Get Married

In most cases, having children is much easier emotionally and financially married rather than single. Pregnancy is less stressful when you’re not worried about your relationship status, court-ordered visitation, and child support payments. Save you and your child the heartache that comes with a broken home and make the effort to exchange vows first.

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